Welcome to Afternoon Social

So, what it is Afternoon Social? I envisioned a concept and coined the phrase several years ago but put it aside. I stumbled through many other ideas and endeavors. Then I wrote a book but I wanted to do more than just write books. I signed up for a entrepreneur’s virtual summit and was reenergized about starting my own business again.

I started with the information I learned. Connecting with some the presenters from the summit gave me a renewed creative insight. I realized the one thing I’ve been missing and what a lot of women are missing this year–community. I pulled Afternoon Social out of the dust and started creating that community. My vision is for women to get together to motivate each other through their personal stories and to develop a community of sharing information and embracing creativity.

This is just the beginning, so I’ve left it open ended to see what direction God wants to take this. I hope you enjoy all the videos, articles, and information that will be posted here on the website and in the Facebook group. Please jump on board and join me in this journey.

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