The Journey

Dew sprinkles the fields
Frosting them with icy crystals

Mighty beasts creep across the plain
Crackling blades of frozen grass underfoot

Donkeys snort against the chill
Breath becomes a cloud

Rising over the black horizon
A bright shining star lights the way

Watching and waiting for some place to rest
Soon, they whisper, soon

Huddled and cold they arrive at a door
Closed against their cries

When, they wonder in dismay
Soon, they whisper, soon

“Psst, come here”
They turn and move on

How long they ask
Soon, the voice whispers, soon

The journey ended and began
In that rickety barn

Harboured with the beasts
Lowing them to sleep

Rest now
Soon, very soon

Candlelight flickers in the breeze
Reminding them of the fragile night

She whispers to him
It’s time, it’s time

In the darkness
Came another light

He whispers to her
Jesus, Jesus

Shh, listen
Do you hear the whispers of yesteryear?

Traveling on your journey
Do you see the bright shining star?

What about the door
Is it closed against your cries?

Look around
Are you huddled in a rickety barn with the mighty beasts?

It’s time
It’s time

Light will shine
In your fragile night

He whispers oh so gently
It’s time, it’s time

Time for what you whisper back
Time for Me, time for Me

Darkness fades away
The sun warms the barn

Icy crystals melt
Lilies grow in the field

Listen again, He whispers
It’s time, it’s time

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