Super Shopper Saturdays

I struggled with writing today’s post, after all, what is there to say about a super shopper Saturday? Thinking about it took me down memory lane. I thought about the summers that I would hunt through garage sales or thrift stores looking for that piece of furniture or something-something to use for a new project. Like some of you, I now spend my shopping time online. I don’t work on as many projects as I used to, but the thrill of the hunt is still there.

My efforts have now switched to having a store for shoppers to come to. I’m introducing Afternoon Social’s Boutique which will go live next Saturday. Is there something special that you hope to find in the boutique?

I have a future endeavor that will be announced in a few weeks for those of you who have businesses. For now, feel free to post your products in the Facebook group on these Super Shopper Saturdays. I love to see your creations and support shopping with friends. I say shopping with friends rather than local because some of you may have businesses with Tupperware, Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, etc. and don’t make your own products. Look out, all you business owners and crafters, I’ll be making the rounds to see if you’d be interested in interviewing for Milestone Mondays and W2W Wednesdays!!

So, let’s hear your favorite shopping stories and share your businesses and/or handmade items with the group.

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