One of the weekly topics for Afternoon Social is Milestone Mondays. My vision is to interview women about the milestones they have achieved. This week in lieu of an interview, I’m sharing a poem of mine and a few of the milestones in my life in the video below.

The poem, Souvenirs from the Edge, was written to reflect on life. To see that it marches on whether there are good times or bad. A bit of trivia–I submitted this poem to a contest for Parents Without Partners. It won locally, then regionally, then nationally!! It was the only poem that I’ve submitted and received an award. Indeed a milestone to receive recognition.

All of you have milestones in your life and I want to encourage you to share them. You have seen examples for the last couple of weeks and as I develop Afternoon Social, I hope to add more interviews. Would you please be willing to share? Contact me at for information about being interviewed.

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