Fur Baby Antics

Our fur babies are full of antics and such a joy to watch and play with. I have a calico kitty named Sable. She joined our family in 2014 just two days after I had to lay to rest my kitty, Lily, whom had been with us for almost 18 years. From the beginning, she loved to play games with me. She always came up with them on her own. The strangest one was when she would play fetch. I had never known a cat to do this.

She’s not a kitten any more, but she is still quite playful. She has also developed the habit of “tucking” us in. She knows when it’s bed time. She sits and waits until I get settled and pulled up the covers over me. Sable has to have her ears rubbed, the she goes to sleep on my hip. If I’m up past when she thinks it’s bedtime, she comes to find me and meows at me to go to bed.

What kind of fur babies do you have? What are some of your favorite antics of theirs?

Here’s a clip of Sable playing fetch.

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