Elephants & Christmas

What do elephants have to do with Christmas? The white elephant of course! Do you participate in a white elephant give exchange with your friends or family? I usually do with Bible study and with my family. It’s a fun time to share some silly gifts.

The term white elephant party first appeared in a joke published in 1907 in Nebraska’s The Columbus Journal. It was joke about a women’s party where they brought something they no longer had any use for but still too good to throw away. Most of the women brought their husbands.

The white elephant joke was later published in newspapers all across the United States in 1907. In 1908, society pages in newspapers started publishing notices for actual white elephant parties, where attendees were encouraged to make gifts of objects they wanted to get rid of.

Now the parties are very common Some of the weirdest things can be exchanged. Last year for my family white elephant exchange, I rummaged through my junk drawer for bag full of “goodies” like erasers and Matchbox cars. We’re having another exchange this year. I’m still hunting for just the right weird stuff that I can exchange. Maybe I’ll get the cookies that my son usually brings.

What has been the strangest gift you’ve given and/or received? Do you have any other traditional games that you play?

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